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Medical Equipments of Zinnia Corporation

Zinnia Cooperation gives priority to cutting-edge and high-quality medical equipment,providingproper medical examination and treatment as well as best service quality to customers.

Supplyof medical equipment.

Investment, distribution of products relating to information technology, telecommunications and medical equipments

tbytIn terms of medical equipment, Zinnia Cooperationhas made every effort to provide customers with best technology, cutting-edge equipment at reasonable cost and best after-sales policieswithin Vietnam and Southeast Asia.

Products, solutions and medical equipment provided by Zinnia Corporation include:

  • High-tech devices for medical examination and treatment of plastic surgeries, skin care, Odontology Stomatology, ENT, Internal Medicine, Surgery, Diagnostic Imaging, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Pediatrics, Oncology, etc.
  • Medical Imaging equipments: CT Scanner, MRI scanner, Digital X-ray machine, color Doppler ultrasound machine, mammography machine, ect.
  • Laboratory equipment: Automated biochemistry analyzer, Automated urine analyzer, Automated Elisa system, Electrolysis machine, Centrifuge machine, Microscope, etc.
  • Surgical equipment: Anesthesia machine, Operating table, Operating light, Patient monitor, C-arm machine, surgical instruments, etc.
  • Resuscitation equipment: respirator, patient monitor, ICD, etc.
  • Pediatric medical equipment: CPAP ventilator for infants, Ventilator for children, nebulizer, etc
  • Oncology: machines for external beam radiotherapy, machines for internal beam radiotherapy, Dosimeter, etc.

Especially, we have a lot of experience in consultation, supply of equipments and machines for aesthetic plastic surgery and treatment such as devices for hair removal, skin rejuvenation, wrinkle treatments, pigmentation treatment, rosacea, vacorise vein, angiomas,pore size reduction, mastopexy, etc.

Zinnia Corporation is partnersof national and international medical suppliers and we commit to providing customers with the best products and solutions.


Headquarter in Hanoi:

No.278 Thuy Khue Street, Tay Ho District, Hanoi City

Branch in Hochiminh City:

No.1, 10B Street, Trung Son Residental Area, Binh Chanh District.

Tel: (04) 3 728 2813

Hotline: 098 319 7730 (Mr. Hieu)