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Information technology and telecommunications of Zinnia Corporation

Information technology and telecommunications are the key fieldsfor the development of Zinnia. We not only deliver the cutting-edge equipments but also make ceaseless efforts to bring comprehensive solutions which are considerered master keys to our customers.

The development ofInformation technology and telecommunications of Zinnia Corporationisbased on the development ofVietnam’s market and international markets’ demand for high-tech products, services,  applications and solutions.

After 20 years of establishment and development, Zinnia Cooperation has built up a network of member companies and affiliated companies operatiing in the field of Information technology and telecommunications,providing various services such as:

  • Data cabling and network instalation
  • Security services and transmission and administrationsystems for ISP and medical equipment providers
  • Distribution ofhigh-tech productsfor the industry of information technology
  • Investment, supply of information technology, telecommunications, and medical equipments products.
  • Integration and developmentofapplicationsonIT and telecommunications products

The combination of capability and experiences from each member company and affiliated company creates a tremendous power and the ability of meeting such diverse customer requirementsin different areas and for large-scale projects

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Information technology and telecommunicationshas confirmed itsimportant roles in socio-economic development. IT and Telecom markets is considered to have relatively high growth rates in Vietnam, creating a basis for the developmentof other sectors. In order to meet the increasing demand in the field, Zinnia Corporationstrives to bring customers the best resolutions, best products and best quality services.

Information technology and telecommunications products provided by Zinnia Corporation:

  • Network equipment: Mostequipment from leading technology companies such as: Cisco Systems, HP, Juniper,Ciena,etc.
  • Server system: Zinnia provides a wide range of servers depending on customer’s demand such asIBM, HP, SUN, DELL, etc.
  • Storage, backup and data recovery systems: We deliver the top resolutions and products such as HP, IBM, EMC, NetApp, etc.
  • Information security system: In order to ensure the highest level of security for our customer information systems, we provide the security equipments and software to build the multi-layered security systems which support each other: Firewall, IDS, IDP, VPN, etc fromleading security companies such as: Cisco, Check Point, RSA, Thales, etc.
  • Video conference: video conferencing resolution with high security, high definition (HD), multipoint video conferencing from Polycom, Cisco, etc.
  • Application infrastructure: system software, database management system software such as Oracle, IBM, Microsoft, etc
  • Data center infrastructure: power system equipments and data center infrastructure such as: uninterruptible power supply, AC/DC power source, cooling systems, rack cabinet, etc
  • Specialized measuring instruments:specialized measuring instruments such as protocol analyzers, transmitters, optical power meters and so on according to customers’
  • Other IT and telecommunication software products such as hospital management, e-government, library management, land management,etc.

Information technology and telecommunications solutions provided Zinnia Corporation to customers include:

  • Information technology infrastructure solutions: Understanding the demand of customer for a stable and reliable information technology infrastructure, which increases our competitiveness. We supply the comprehensive information technology infrastructure resolutions meetingeach customer demand.
  • Data storage, backup and recovery solutions: We provide data storage and data security solutions that make the management and operation of the system simple and convenient. Beside storage devices, we also deliversoftware for data storage, data recovery, device configuration and those of management and control of storage device and virtualization equipment, etc.
  • Video conferencing solutions: We deliver the video conferencing solutions in order to satisfy the demand for meetings and information exchanges in work. The solutions help people from different places save time and moneyby cutting down travelling costs, bringing an efficient information sharing environment that maximizes the cost of investment.
  • Mobile Network Quality Monitoring solution: Provides a 24 × 7 monitoring solution ranging from the radio to the core of the mobile network to assess KPI / KQI network and subscriber experience. It supports multi-technology 2G, 3G, LTE, IMS, VoIP, etc.
  • Mobile subscriber experience management solution: Provides end-to-end subscriber experience management solution for applicationsand services. The pioneerin subscriber experience managmentand identification of unrecognized errors. Providing useful solutions for marketing, customer care, corporate clients, mobile operators, …
  • Cellular network services and revenue monitoring solutions: we provide the monitoring and management solutions that enable mobile network operators to assess the quality of servicesprovided to customers independently.
  • Mobile network transmission solutions: Zinnia provides a wide range of products in order to meet the diverse needs of customers such as Metro transmission network, Metro Access transmission network and viba transmission network, etc.

Other solutions designed according to customer’s demand

Information technology and telecommunications services provided by Zinnia Corporation to customers include

  • Consulting, suplying and deploying information technology resolutions
  • Consulting, providing and deploying telecommunications solutions
  • Consulting, providing and deploying mobile network measuring solutions
  • Professional mobile network services: Cellular network optimization, cellular network technology consulting, managed service.
  • Training and technology transfer


Zinnia Corporation is the partners of leading domestic and foreign information technology and telecom providers. We commit to satisfying customers’ requirements withproducts and solutions from these leading providers.

  • Server providers

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  • Backup and recovery solutions providers

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  • Network technology providers

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  • Information security providers

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  • Information appliance providers

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  • Data center infrastructure providers

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For the past 20 years, we have gained the prestige for all our services provided to customerswhichfacilitate their operation, perfomanceand outperform their competitors. We treasure the trust of our customers and thisis also the  goal that we aim to achieve.

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