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Distribution of Zinnia Corp

With the motto “Honoring and caring about the natural beauty of women”, Zinnia Corp. has been searching for the best solutionsrangingfrom the application of scientific researches to selection of precious natural materials to bring effective and friendly cosmetic products to our customers.

Distribution of Zinnia Corp. was officially established in 2006. Since then, the company has developed considerably and gained many amazing achievements. Zinnia’s Distribution has obtained the reputation for marketing consultancy – exclusive distribution of cosmetic products. With the potentials of finance, technology and human resource, Zinnia has officially become the exclusive distribution of several famous brands in the world. Our major target is to become one of the leading prestigious distributors in Vietnam.

We acknowledgethatit is customer-oriented values, social value and membership policythat determineour existence and sustainable development. Zinnia Corp. in general and its distribution in particular have been constantly striving for thetargets by providingcustomers and partners withvalues that meet their need and requirements.

We have created a professional working environment, offering proper training policy and preferential benefits to employees.

Zinnia has become the distributor of many world-famous cosmetic brands:

Bellewave – Leading skincare and treatment products from Swiss – the companion of various professional spas and beauty salons.

Kelocote – No.1 scar removal gel from the USA

Soskin –A famous cosmeceuticals from France

Bioline – A famous cosmeceuticalsfrom Italia

Those brands are well-known cosmeceutical brands in the world.



Based on the application of advanced technology, Bellewave products are developed using the mixture of multi vitamins and essential essences of natural herbs, providing a source of energy, quick and effective improvement to the skin.

The brand is well known for exclusive technologies such as like: Telomere technology for anti ageing treatment (won the 2009 Nobel Prize), Diamond 60TM whitening technology, etc.which are suitable for even the most sensitive skin.



Kelocote silicone gel acts as the second layer of our skin during 24 hours. It is a patented, transparent, self-drying (within 4-5 minutes) silicone gel technologywith outstandingproperties:

  • Softening and flattening keloids
  • Reducing red bruise and discoloration
  • Reducing itching and discomfort associated with scars

The outstanding advantage of Kelocote is that it is easy to use and does not cause pain and burning sensation when applied to the skin. The product is rated for highly safety, great compatibility and suitable for every types of skin, including children’s skin and those with sensitive skin.



Soskin is the leading cosmeceuticals from France, established by the world-renowned dermatologist named Dr. Doosan. Alexandre Dingas.

Soskin offers exclusive chemical peel products with the motto “Waking up your second skin, opening up a whole new world” and for the perception of beauty and perfection.



Over 40 years of research and development, Bioline Jato (Italia) has become the brand that brings millions of customers in more than 65 countries and 5 continents leading beauty secret, skin care therapies.

The product contains enhanced SPF that helps protect skin from sun light, brings healthy and flawless skin. Application ofextremely special technologyhelps restore natural beauty of skin with 3 effects: toning, reducing wrinkles, protecting skin from damages caused by aging process.

Now, Zinnia Distribution network has reached over 700 dealers. Simultaneously, Zinnia distribution network expands nationwide and Indochina (Cambodia).

Headquarter in Hanoi:

No.278 Thuy Khue Street – Tay Ho District – Hanoi City

Tel: 04. 35379565

Thu Cuc Cliniic – Saigon Branch

440/15 Nguyen Kiem Street – Ward 3, Phu Nhuan District, Hochiminh City

Tel: 08. 3595 5282