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Thu Cuc International General Hospital has entered into cooperation with V- Plastic Group

Being known as a large scale multinational corporation in the field of aesthetics in Asia, V – Plastic Surgery Group has made great contributions to the development of cosmetic surgery in many countries such as Korea, Singapore, Thailand, and China, etc.


Aesthetic technology in Korea has flourished for so long, targeting people of all ages and social classes. Korean people are all concerned about beauty care in general and plastic surgery in particular. Cosmetic facial plastic surgery is the most popular service. According to statistics, 90% of Korean women experience certain plastic surgeries some time in their lives. V-Plastic is considered to be the no 1 Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Center in South Korea as well as in Asia. With the aim of supporting customers who want to travel to Korea for plastic surgeries, Thu Cuc International General Hospital has entered into cooperation with V-Plastic Group.


You desire to own a special beauty, you admire a famous Korean star, V-Plastic will help you to resemble your idol, retaining your own individuality by analyzing her/his facial shape and features and recontour yours accordingly.


V-Plastic is recognized as one of the center which is invested heavily in cosmetic technology, meeting all conditions for the implementation of even the most complicated plastic surgeries. V-plastic targets not only domestic customers but also those from other countries within the Asian region, offering them perfect beauty services. V – Plastic is located in the center of Daegu – one of the three largest cities in Korea. Which is the most developed city, and get largest investment in health sector, especially aesthetic medicine from the government.


V-Plastic has a total surface area of more than 4,000 m², including 4 waiting areas with the capacity to serve up to 150 customers at the same time, 20 consulting rooms offering consultation by experienced estheticians, and operating theater area which allow to conduct 7 complicated surgeries simultaneously. Besides, there is a system of well-equipped recovery room and short-stay. In addition, the center also includes laser treatment rooms which allow to perform treatment to 22 patients at the same time, many special skin care rooms, bringing customers healthy and perfect skin.


Reception – Waiting area


Luxurious and well-equipped reception and waiting area at V-Plastic with free wifi will offer customers the best comfort and relaxation. In addition, you will be served free beverages by a team of friendly and enthusiastic staff members at the lounge.

A system of operating rooms


V-Plastic center includes 7 advanced operating rooms with HEPA filtered air purification systems to prevent the spread and transmission of airborne infections and minimize the risk of infection after surgery , up-to-date facilities for the performance of aesthetic plastic surgery. Especially, every year V-Plastic welcomes many international delegations, therefore some  operating rooms were specially designed for the observation of visitors from these delegations.

V-Plastic aslo invests in advanced facilities such as anesthesia machine and color X-ray machine for the preparation of complicated and difficult surgeries, Aesculap equipment imported from B.Braun Medical Company, German, Utra-Z ultrasound system, LipoSlim Laser machine for body slimming and cellulite reduction and many other modern facilities to ensure the best results for all customers.

Recovery rooms


A system of convenient, modern and well- equipped recovery rooms up to international standard includes private rooms or semi-private rooms with air purifier system, electric patient beds, televisions, telephones and many other utilities. In addition, highly-skilled physicians and nurses are available 24/24 hours to support customers.

Postoperative rooms


Postoperative room is the place you receives postoperative care after undergoing a surgical procedure. Appropriate follow-up care can help reduce your risk of complications after surgery and support your recovery process. At V-Plastic, a closed system including operating rooms, the corridor connecting operating rooms and postoperative rooms ensure the safety and support the result of surgical procedure.

Changing room and bathroom


A range of convenient and comfortable changing rooms with the capacity to serve 29 customers at the same time includes shoe cabinets and separate lockers with digital locks which ensures the safety of customer’s belongings during their procedure.

V-Plastic also ensures absolute medical hygiene, offering clean patient dresses and linens, customers can enjoy the convenient bathrooms with hair dryers, towels, foam cleaning, hand wash, body lotion, hand cream, etc.

Consulting rooms


Beside a range of modern and luxurious consulting rooms, a team of leading consultants in the field of aesthetic offer customers useful and comprehensive consultations for a flawless beauty, retaining each person’s individuality.

Interpreters are also available at V-Plastic to support customers with the language. In addition, V-Plastic also takes the advantage of image simulation tools so that the customer can have the best imagination of the results.

Skin care room


The system of skin care rooms includes a primary Spa with the capacity to serve 11 customers at the same time, 4 other special skin care rooms for VIP and overseas customers. These rooms are equipped with up-to-date aesthetic facilities and equipment such as Spring, HMS Beautouch, He-Ne Laser, Sonom aster, Crais, Inbio880, Cool Skin, Cutis Beautech, Steamer, and Magnifying Glass.

Laser treatment room


At V-Plastic, there are the most up-to-date Laser machine in South Korea, namely Pearl Laser and Revlite Laser imported from the USA, 12PL Laser from Ellipse company, Denmark., Q-ray tranctional/ IR-RF machine, Jeisys laser, and Intra-cell machine produced in South Korea. Among these, 12PL Laser, Revlite Laser and IR-RF machine are very popular with most Korean stars and movie actors for skin clearance and whittening

Research laboratory and hall


Doctors from V-Plastic always update new method and technology to offer customers best services, achieving their trust and satisfaction. There are various specialties such as face contouring, rhinoplasty, blepharoplasty, liposuction, acne treatment, skin aging treatment, pigmentation, scar removal and pore treatment using laser method.

Besides, there are two large conference rooms with the capacity of 80 people each where surgeons have meeting and discussion to find the best solution and method for each customer, giving them perfect beauty.

Other areas

15Here are radiation therapy rooms, paraclinical rooms, staff louge, restaurant, et.,, V-Plastic is such the best beauty center for customers all over the world who are searching for beauty and perfection.

Aesthetic surgery at V-Plastic



With the effort to offer customers “best services with best results”, V-Plastic ensures to bring you “ a flawless beauty ever”

A team of physicians at V-Plastic constantly improve their skills and update new method and technology to bring customer best services.

Pictures of well-known model and stars who performed surgery at V-Plastic are available for customer’s belief.

V-Plastic also appreciate all feedback and recommendations from customers through the two website: www.vbeauty.co.kr or www.cafe’.naver.com www.cafe.daum.net/deaguv.

Surgical instruments


Modern device and equipment at V-Plastic which plays an important role in the success of each procedure.

Coming into an agreement of cooperation with V-Plastic Group, Thu Cuc Hospital can make Vietnamese customers’ dream come true.


Thu Cuc International General Hospital has signed a cooperation contract with V-Plastic, under which V-Plastic will transfer the advanced technique to Thu Cuc Hospital and the Hospital will bring customers from Vietnam to Korea to experience beauty services at V-Plastic. With 20-year-reputation, Thu Cuc International General Hospital has achieved customers’ belief and hopefully, they will continue put their trust in Thu Cuc as well as V-plastic.

Thu Cuc Hospital will support customers with all issues relating to immigration procedures, transportation, and cosmetic procedures at V-Plastic, ensuring to bring you convenience and comfort.