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Thu Cuc Hospital donated 50 million VND to “Bau oi” fund

On the occasion of the 59th anniversary of Vietnam Doctor’s Day (February 27th, 1955 – February 27th, 2014), on February 27th, 2014, Mrs. Trương Tuyet Nhung, head of the fund raising committee of the “Bau oi” visited and presented flowers to doctors at Thu Cuc International General Hospital. On this occasion, Thu Cuc hospital donated 50 million VND to “Bau oi” Fund.

During the meeting, Associate Professor – PhD, People’s Doctor Nguyen Xuan Thanh – Medical Director of Thu Cuc International General Hospital stated: “Despite the short operating history of the hospital (since 8/2011), Thu Cuc Hospital has strived to become one of the leading international standard hospitals in Vietnam, with a team of highly skilled and experienced doctors. The hospital also invested heavily in medical facilities and equipment”. Mr. Thanh emphasized: “The team of health care providers at Thu Cuc hospital is eager to learn and improve their knowledge and expertise, following Uncle Ho’s saying “Doctors are as gentle mothers”


Mrs. Trương Tuyet Nhung presenting flowers to doctors at Thu Cuc Hospital

“Bau oi” is a charitable organization whose members share one thing in common that is kindness and the willing to help unfortunate lives. This organization tries to support disadvantaged people everywhere. When talking with leaders of the hospital, Mrs. Truong Tuyet Nhung stated that “Thu Cuc is a prominent hospital, a popular and modern health centre of the country, bringing people the opportunity to experience international standard medical services and treatment. Besides, the hospital also participated in many charitable as well as social welfare activities, supporting those in particularly difficult circumstances and I highly appreciate that”


Mrs. Nguyen Thu Cuc – the chairwoman of Thu Cuc Hospital was honored to receive flowers from the head of “Bau oi” fund.

When hearing about the story of a child whose hands and legs were cut off due to electric shock accident, Mrs. Thu Cuc was deeply touched and decided to donate 50 million to the fund, hoping that she could contribute her small part to help this poor kid and give him the hope and belief in life.


Representative of Thu Cuc Hospital donated 50 million VND to “Bau oi” fund.

/ “Not only wealthy people can do volunteer work. Charity is to be willing to help others. If you feel that you are luckier than others, you can support them. For me, volunteer work is a meaningful and humanitarian activity. It is not the material value, it is the heart. When you support the disadvantaged, you bring them hope and in life and belief in love among people” Mrs. Thu Cuc said


Mrs. Truong Tuyet Nhung and leaders of Thu Cuc Hospital at the meeting

The donation to “Bau oi”  fund is the opening act of Thu Cuc Hospital volunteer activities in 2014. Besides, within this year, the hospital will participate in many other activities such as “Operation smile Vietnam” which offers free surgery to poor children with cleft lips and palates, children in difficult circumstances, poor children overcoming difficulties, etc… all over the country.