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Thu Cuc Hospital cares for revolution contributors on the occasion of the 70th War Invalids and Martyrs’ Day

June 27th 2017, in the morning, Thu Cuc International General Hospital in collaboration with Medical Center of Tay Ho District provided free health check-ups to people under preferential treatment policy including war invalids and family members of martyrs at Thuy Khue Ward, Tay Ho District.


This regular meaningful activity is among those aiming at “For Community Health” program by Thu Cuc hospital

Annual significant activities

This is one of the annual activities organized by Thu Cuc Hospital within Tay Ho District. The Hospital always attaches importance to health care for the revolution contributors. Participants who are people under preferential treatment policy will be provided with a comprehensive health check up based on a full health check up list including blood test, urinalysis, abdominal ultrasound, chest X-ray, ECG, ENT exam , eye exam, dental exam, skin exam, physical exam which monitors their  height, weight, blood pressure and the general exam.

“Not only physical health but also a sound mind and spirit for the participants”

The health check up program attracted the participation of many revolution contributors including war invalids and family members of martyrs during French war, American war and Border war in Vietnam. Among these participants, there were many elderly people such as Mr. Nguyen Xuan Cung, a 96 year old war invalid who has contributed to the French War in Vietnam. He experienced very comfort health screening and was given compassionate care by nurses at the event. Another participant, Mr. Khánh, a 70 year old war invalid (grade 4/4) said: “I feel so good to have health check up here, I believe the doctors of Thu Cuc Hospital and appreciate the comforting care by the nurses here”. Mr. Pham Van Tra, a 67 year old war invalid also shared: “I am so impressed by the great care of doctors and nurses as well as the clean and friendly hospital environment. I experienced the eye exam today and I am very satisfied”

Not only war invalids but also family members of martyrs received examination and great care from medical staff of the hospital. Mrs. Nguyen Thi Mai, the 69 year old wife of a martyrs commented: “Thu Cuc Hospital is really good, I am very impressed with its doctors, medical staff, advanced equipment and especially the customer service. In addition, the clean environment here completely puts me at ease”

Mrs. Hong took her mother in law, who is the daughter of a martyr, to the hospital, happily shares: “I think this is a meaningful activity which is not only good for their health but also for their mind and spirit. They have the feeling of being concerned, being cared for. This can also compensate for their losses”


Doctors and nurses are performing examination

The aim of community health

According to Mr. Nguyen Hoang – Head of the organizing committee of health check up programs by Thu Cuc Hospital: “These activities show our respect and gratitude to the revolution contributors and we do respect their families, too. These activities also raise awareness on the importance of regular health screening which facilitates early detection and effective treatment of diseases, improving the community health. Being aware of this, Thu Cuc Hospital has been striving to organize such health check-ups for those special patients.

Thu Cuc International Hospital is one of the leading hospitals in social and community activities such as blood donation, free health screening for revolution contributors, poor people, families under preferential treatment policy, etc. This is another significant activity among those aiming at “For community health”, held after the program of cancer screening for people nationwide.

Some pictures of the event