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Sales staff

Job descriptions

_ Find customers, develop customer system

_ Consult, negotiate, promote and sign contracts with customers

_ Retain existing customers and find potential customers

_ Perform assigned tasks within your area of sales

_ Report task implementation to the direct Manager and the Board of Directors

_ Fulfill monthly and quarterly business objectives

_ Undertake other administrative tasks such as setting up quotations and drafting contracts, etc.

_ Perform other tasks as assigned

_ Coordinate with other Departments to ensure effective implementation for the development of the Company

_ Hard working and diligent, show long-term commitment to the Company

*** Qualifications

_ College/University Degree or higher

_ Able to build and keep good relationships with clients

_ Show eagerness to learn, ability to adapt to change

_ Have a personal vehicle for travelling and making work-related trips

_ Able to work under pressure and meet stipulated monthly sales targets

*** Skills required

_ Good communication and negotiation skills

_ Ability to quickly grasp customer requirements and wishes, build close relationships with customers

_ Able to work independently or as part of a team

***  Benefits

Salary suitable with working ability

Opportunities for promotion, career development

After 02 months’ probationary period, the employee will sign official contract and be entitled to other benefits as stipulated by the Company

Be provided with uniform

Be entitled to good benefit and bonuses in accordance with general policies of the Company

Be eligible for annual bonuses based on performance and contribution to the Company

*** Contact: HR Department (84-4) 3728 6606( 355/356)

*** Address: Floor M, No. 278; Thuy Khue Street; Tay Ho District; Hanoi City, Vietnam