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Promoting “international standard”medical services at reasonable price

According to statistics from the Ministry of Health, there are roughly 40,000 people travelling abroad for medical treatment each year, resulting in foreign currency bleeding up to 2 billions USD. Although these patients paid a lot for such medical fees, not all of them got a satisfactory result.  

Assoc.Prof., Ph.D. Nguyen Tien Quyet, Medical Director of Viet Nam-Germany Hospital said that the majority of patients travelling abroad for medical examination and treatment share the same opinion that Vietnamese health care providers are extremely busy and crowded so they have to wait for so long. In fact, overseas examination and treatment are much more expensive. Various patients tend to come back and get treatment after experiencing medical services abroad with the price up to hundreds thousands million VND without any improvement. We used to admit 05 patients of liver transplantation at the same time to Vietnam-Germany Hospital, these patients had been treated abroad before and one among these died 27 later.

One infertility specialist in Ho Chi Minh city shared that some patients who had experienced infertility treatment in Thailand without any improvement decided to come back and receive treatment at domestic hospitals. This specialist assereted that nowadays infertility treatments offered at domestic hospital can compare with that in Thailand. In another case, a 61-year-old woman in Gia Lai province, Ms. Ho Thi M. with giant cerebral aneurysm was recommended to receive treatment in the USA which may cost a billion VND. Nevertheless, she was successfully treated at Ho Chi Minh City Medical University Hospital which costs only a quarter.


Patients are warmly welcomed at Thu Cuc Hospital

According to medical experts, to build the trust as well as attract the attention of domestic and foreign patients, beside a team of highly skilled and experienced physicians, Vietnamese medical providers should focus on improving their customer service quality. As an evidence of this, Ho Chi Minh City Medical University Hospital has applied some “international standard” medical services such as giving priorities to health check-up and treatment, implementing paraclinical indications and drug purchasing, free interpreting, hotel recommendations, patient transport, laundry service, luxurious patient wards, etc. Take Vietnam-Germany Hospital as another example, this hospital has heavily invested in facilities and medical equipment, improving customer services to build trust among its patients.

At present, the hospital offers service of in-patient wards with advanced facilities and equipment which can compared with those in other hospital abroad. During hospitalization, patients are able to update information through TV or Internet. According to Ph.D. Quyet, a large number of inpatients prefer this service despite the cost (about a million VND per day for 02 in-patient beds). Especially, patients must register for hospitalization one week prior to their intended date.


Oncology Department at Thu Cuc Hospital

Sharing the same opinion on helping patients with effective and cost-saving treatments, Assoc.Prof., Ph.D. Mai Trong Khoa, Deputy Director of Bach Mai Hospital, Director of Oncology Center – Bach Mai Hospital said that most Vietnamese people travelling abroad for treatment are cancer patients. However, cancer treatment procedure in Vietnam nowadays has significant development, qualified as international standard. Vietnamese cancer centers have updated, applied successful methods, advanced facilities and medical equipment in each procedure.

Beside heavy investment in well-equipped facilities and medical equipment, professional customer services and patient-friendly hospital-hotel environment, Oncology Department of Thu Cuc International General Hospital has entered a comprehensive cooperation with the leading Singaporean professors and specialists in the field of oncology to provide the best efficiency of consultation and examination to patients. Cancer patients can experience effective treatment without spending too much money on abroad medical services.

Source: dantri.com.vn