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Job description

_ Implement financial management in accordance with the provision of Accounting Department and the Law on Financial Accounting
_ Ensure accurate and timely return of the amount collected to Accounting Department or Company’s account

_ Ensure proper and timely financial statements, reports, etc. as required by Accounting Department

_ Control the income and expenditure and timely provide advice of financial management to the manager

_ Monitor revenue, debts, warehouses and expenditures budget based to timely make proper reports and provide information to relevant Departments

_ Coordinate with relevant Departments to perform periodical check of delivery orders, purchase orders, inventory and recommend solution for inspection, management of fixed assets, tools and supplies, goods, etc., ensuring that actual figures match documents


_ College Degree, major in accounting or higher

_ 2-3 years’ experience of Payment Accounting, General Accounting

_ Ability to organize, arrange and keep documents

_ Effective communication skills, ability to work under high pressure, ensure plan making and work organization

_ Be active, enthusiastic, careful


_ Attractive salary

_ Professional and dynamic working environment

_ Opportunities to exchanges professional skills with domestic and international partners
_ Opportunities to join training course of professional skills, improve expertise

_ Enjoy social insurance and health insurance by state related regulation

*** Contact: HR Department (84-4) 3728 6606( 355/356)
*** Address: Floor M, No. 278; Thuy Khue Street; Tay Ho District; Hanoi City, Vietnam.